What’s for Dinner? 4/27 – 5/3

I wasn’t as good about keeping up with our menu from last week.  Oh well…life happens.  This whole no dairy/eggs/soy thing is getting kind of annoying as well, but Makua’s skin is getting better so that’s good.  I’ll admit I’m mostly focusing on the dairy.  I love cheese and other dairy products though and I’ve discovered that a lot of the stuff I like to make has dairy in it. 😦 Coming up with the menu for this week was kinda hard, but I’m excited to try these recipes.  If anyone has good recipes that don’t involve any dairy or eggs, I’d love some help.

Sunday- leftovers

Monday- Beef Tacos w/ Spanish Rice

Tuesday- Shrimp Lo Mein (substituting shrimp for the chicken) & Pot Stickers

Wednesday- leftover Lo Mein

Thursday- Fragrant Fish Soup

Friday- Asian Chicken Salad

Saturday- eat out

Check out some other menus here.




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