I want to start something new on the food blog (yeah…the one that I don’t post on often 😛 – hey, I’m workin’ on it). It’s called Local Eats. I haven’t personally seen it on anyone’s blog, but I’m sure people are doing it. There is this blog that has great reviews on Salt Lake City restaurants, but I don’t go as fancy as he does and I certainly don’t eat out as much as he does. That being said, I just want to feature some local places to eat at that I enjoy.  And when I say local, I mean from Utah County all the way up north to Cache County.  I may even throw other UT locales in if I happen upon something.

For my first Local Eats, I’m giving a shout out to my Hawaiian roots.  Mo’Bettah Steaks is located in Bountiful in a teeny tiny strip mall.  I actually heard of them through facebook and was super excited.  L&L’s isn’t what it used to be (or at least what I was used to in California) and there’s another joint nearby that just didn’t do it for me.

mobettah-001-small mobettah-002-small1

The pulehu chicken is on the left and the teriyaki chicken is on the right. Mmm mmm good!

Their menu is pretty basic.  They offer chicken or steak, teriyaki or pulehu style.  Your meat is served up “plate lunch” style which means it comes with rice and mac salad.  You can also order rice, salad and/or extra chicken as a side.  They didn’t offere shave ice when I was there, but they have it now.

I went with a couple friends who both ordered the teriyaki chicken, but I went for the pulehu chicken which is kind of a simple salt & pepper seasoned grilled chicken.  I am SO glad they offer mini plates.  I ordered a mini and was stuffed by the time I was done.

The food was great and I highly recommend either type of chicken.  No one went for the steak this time, but I bet the teriyaki steak is killer!  I really liked that they offer the option of brown or white rice and you can switch out green salad for the mac salad.  The only thing I wasn’t too hot on was, unfortunately, the mac salad.  It was too mayonnaisey for me so I’ll probably stick with the green salad most of the time.

They’re hinting at adding a second location.  I would be extremely happy if they expanded down at the south end of the valley. 

Check ’em out for a bit of aloha in the Beehive State.

Mo’Bettah Steaks
273 W 500 S #3
Bountiful, UT



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5 responses to “Mo’Bettah?

  1. Something better than L&L? Its not horrible, but it isn’t entirely authentic… I don’t know if we’ll get around to eating there before we leave 😦

  2. kamaile

    L&L’s has kinda gone down the tubes for me. Every time I’ve eaten there, the meat seems fatty and not as good as it used to be. Mo’Bettah Steaks has a very basic menu and the food isn’t the same as L&L’s. Sometimes I think they have kalua pork on special, but I haven’t tried Mo’Bettah’s so I can’t say if they’re better than L&L in that regard. Personally, I like the kalua pork I make in the crock pot the best so far. Well, relatively speaking. The real stuff is the best.

  3. I agree about L&L. Next time I’m up in Bountiful, I’ll have to check it out. My husband has Polynesian cousins so we eat a lot of island food when we’re with them–they’d love to know about a new place to go eat. Great review!

  4. Mahalo for the great review! If you like Hawaiian style grilling, you will love Mo’ Bettah. We promise that the food and shave ice will take you back to a sunny backyard on a sunday afternoon somewhere in the islands. No fake kine tasteless BBQ and crunchy ‘shavED ice.’ It’s da real thing by real Hawaiians. Come in and ask for Kimo,Kalani, or Mahea, and we take care you. Aloha

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