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My First Cupcake Run

I’ve dreamt of doing a cupcake run for a while and finally got the opportunity during a trip home to California.  I dragged my sisters along to 3 different cupcake shops- Wonderland Custom Cakes in Pasadena; Cake Mamas in Glendora; and My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario.

Top- Armaan; Middle (L-R) Royal Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Cookie; Bottom- Lemon

We headed to Wonderland Custom Cakes in Old Town Pasadena first.  The Evil Twin (the flavor they won Cupcake Wars with) was available when we went, but I wasn’t in the mood for jalapeno carrot cake with cheddar buttercream no matter how intriguing it sounded. Instead, we bought the Armaan, PB Cookie, Lemon and Red Velvet.  The Lemon cupcake was Makamae’s favorite of the day.  I have to agree that it was pretty tasty, but my favorite here was the Armaan.  On their website, they describe it as a “moist honey-almond cake topped with fresh baklava and vanilla creme.”  The subtle flavors of honey and almond were a little overpowered by what tasted like clove, but I wasn’t too disappointed.  The delicate, crunchy baklava was a nice contrast to the smooth and creamy vanilla creme.

Their shop is teeny tiny and was very no nonsense.  No kitschy decor.  No tables and chairs.  There’s a counter with a display case of the cupcakes on top.  That’s it.  We took our cupcakes to the park across the street and ate them there.

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

Samoa cupcake

After enduring excruciating traffic, we stopped next in Glendora at Cake Mamas.  In addition to the two flavors pictured above, my sister ordered the Lemon Strawberry Rhubarb which I think is also called The Good Witch cupcake.  My favorite happened to be the Lemon Strawberry Rhubarb.  I really enjoyed all of the components of the cupcake together.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the frosting by itself, but combined with the strawberry rhubarb filling and the lemon cake it was good.  I loved the frosting on the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake cupcake.  It tasted like melted ice cream.  Yum!  The cake was a little dry and too dense for my liking.  It also wasn’t very flavorful.

They have a huge variety of cupcakes so you’re bound to find something you like here.  I think they have the largest selection of any cupcake shop I’ve been to.  No place to sit and eat your cupcakes here either so we hijacked an outdoor table and some chairs at the sandwich shop a couple doors down.

Top: Key Lime Pie, S’mores; Bottom: Breakfast Cake, Blueberry Cinnamon Crunch

Our last stop ended up being my favorite. Thankfully it’s the closest to my dad’s house so I can easily indulge next time I visit. I was a little “cupcaked out” by the time we got there so I didn’t eat these until later, but they were still yummy. I liked every single cupcake from My Delight Cupcakery.  The only complaint here was about the s’more cupcake which was a little too chocolatey for me.  That was one rich cupcake.  The breakfast cake was my favorite of all the cupcakes I tried on our cupcake run and it’s one of my top 5 favorite cupcakes EVER.  It seriously tasted like a pancake with bacon and syrup.  I love me breakfast and this cupcake did not disappoint.  We split all the cupcakes and I wish I had bought one of these all for myself.  It was that good.  Auli’i agreed with me that this cupcakery was the best.  Her favorite cupcake of the day was a tie between the Breakfast Cake and the Key Lime Pie.

We stopped by here around 5:30/6ish so they were busy with all the people stopping by after work, but the service was quick and we were out of there in no time.  They have a small bar with a couple of stools, but it’s not somewhere you can go with a bunch of friends and chat over cupcakes.

How do these cupcakeries compare to the ones I’ve been to in Utah?  These places seemed to be a little more inventive with their flavors.  The places I’ve been to in Utah so far have had fairly standard flavors.  Nothing super experimental like the Armaan or the Breakfast Cake.  The area where the CA cupcakeries lacked was seating.  I was very disappointed that there wasn’t any place to sit and enjoy your cupcakes at these 3 shops.  The cupcake places I frequent here have at least a couple tables and chairs where you can relax and visit over some treats.  I guess California is more go, go, go than Utah so maybe there isn’t a real need for a cafe atmosphere.  The cupcakes were also a tad more expensive, but I expected that.

If it hadn’t been for the horrendous traffic, my first cupcake run would have been perfect.  But you can’t beat good cupcakes and fun with the sisters.  I’m looking forward to my next cupcake run.  🙂



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