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My First Cupcake Run

I’ve dreamt of doing a cupcake run for a while and finally got the opportunity during a trip home to California.  I dragged my sisters along to 3 different cupcake shops- Wonderland Custom Cakes in Pasadena; Cake Mamas in Glendora; and My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario.

Top- Armaan; Middle (L-R) Royal Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Cookie; Bottom- Lemon

We headed to Wonderland Custom Cakes in Old Town Pasadena first.  The Evil Twin (the flavor they won Cupcake Wars with) was available when we went, but I wasn’t in the mood for jalapeno carrot cake with cheddar buttercream no matter how intriguing it sounded. Instead, we bought the Armaan, PB Cookie, Lemon and Red Velvet.  The Lemon cupcake was Makamae’s favorite of the day.  I have to agree that it was pretty tasty, but my favorite here was the Armaan.  On their website, they describe it as a “moist honey-almond cake topped with fresh baklava and vanilla creme.”  The subtle flavors of honey and almond were a little overpowered by what tasted like clove, but I wasn’t too disappointed.  The delicate, crunchy baklava was a nice contrast to the smooth and creamy vanilla creme.

Their shop is teeny tiny and was very no nonsense.  No kitschy decor.  No tables and chairs.  There’s a counter with a display case of the cupcakes on top.  That’s it.  We took our cupcakes to the park across the street and ate them there.

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

Samoa cupcake

After enduring excruciating traffic, we stopped next in Glendora at Cake Mamas.  In addition to the two flavors pictured above, my sister ordered the Lemon Strawberry Rhubarb which I think is also called The Good Witch cupcake.  My favorite happened to be the Lemon Strawberry Rhubarb.  I really enjoyed all of the components of the cupcake together.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the frosting by itself, but combined with the strawberry rhubarb filling and the lemon cake it was good.  I loved the frosting on the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake cupcake.  It tasted like melted ice cream.  Yum!  The cake was a little dry and too dense for my liking.  It also wasn’t very flavorful.

They have a huge variety of cupcakes so you’re bound to find something you like here.  I think they have the largest selection of any cupcake shop I’ve been to.  No place to sit and eat your cupcakes here either so we hijacked an outdoor table and some chairs at the sandwich shop a couple doors down.

Top: Key Lime Pie, S’mores; Bottom: Breakfast Cake, Blueberry Cinnamon Crunch

Our last stop ended up being my favorite. Thankfully it’s the closest to my dad’s house so I can easily indulge next time I visit. I was a little “cupcaked out” by the time we got there so I didn’t eat these until later, but they were still yummy. I liked every single cupcake from My Delight Cupcakery.  The only complaint here was about the s’more cupcake which was a little too chocolatey for me.  That was one rich cupcake.  The breakfast cake was my favorite of all the cupcakes I tried on our cupcake run and it’s one of my top 5 favorite cupcakes EVER.  It seriously tasted like a pancake with bacon and syrup.  I love me breakfast and this cupcake did not disappoint.  We split all the cupcakes and I wish I had bought one of these all for myself.  It was that good.  Auli’i agreed with me that this cupcakery was the best.  Her favorite cupcake of the day was a tie between the Breakfast Cake and the Key Lime Pie.

We stopped by here around 5:30/6ish so they were busy with all the people stopping by after work, but the service was quick and we were out of there in no time.  They have a small bar with a couple of stools, but it’s not somewhere you can go with a bunch of friends and chat over cupcakes.

How do these cupcakeries compare to the ones I’ve been to in Utah?  These places seemed to be a little more inventive with their flavors.  The places I’ve been to in Utah so far have had fairly standard flavors.  Nothing super experimental like the Armaan or the Breakfast Cake.  The area where the CA cupcakeries lacked was seating.  I was very disappointed that there wasn’t any place to sit and enjoy your cupcakes at these 3 shops.  The cupcake places I frequent here have at least a couple tables and chairs where you can relax and visit over some treats.  I guess California is more go, go, go than Utah so maybe there isn’t a real need for a cafe atmosphere.  The cupcakes were also a tad more expensive, but I expected that.

If it hadn’t been for the horrendous traffic, my first cupcake run would have been perfect.  But you can’t beat good cupcakes and fun with the sisters.  I’m looking forward to my next cupcake run.  🙂



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Fried Ice Cream Cupcakes

First off, I’d like to make a disclaimer:  I have never eaten fried ice cream.  It sounds delicious, but I don’t usually order dessert when I go out to eat and I’ve never had the ambition to try making it at home.  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I hope any of you fried ice cream connoisseurs don’t throw corn flakes at me over my cupcake version.

When I heard Cupcake Project and Scoopalicious were hosting the Ice Cream Cupcake Round-up again, I was giddy with excitement.  I loved seeing what people came up with last year.  And I discovered that ice cream cupcakes are the best!  Cake, ice cream and frosting in one bite.  Ah yeah!  I even made ice cream cupcakes a few more times after the round-up last summer. 

I was a bit stumped this time around and asked for some flavor inspiration from friends and family.  I got a few good suggestions, but nothing that really jumped out at me.  Finally, thanks to a bowl of Breyers, I decided to try my hand at fried ice cream cupcakes.

friedicecream 010 (Small)

There are a few components to these cupcakes, but all of them are simple and easy to make so it didn’t take me long to whip these up.  I made a brown sugar cupcake sprinkled with a sugary cornflake concoction and topped it with caramel swirl ice cream and a dollop of cinnamon whip cream.  Cinnamon tortilla crisps garnished my little creations. 

These turned out better than I thought they would.  I, of course, tried a quickie version where I just plopped a small scoop of ice cream on top of a cupcake before I put them away.  Just to make sure they were edible.  I loved the crunchiness of the cornflake layer and the yummy brown sugar cake.  The flavors all melded together nicely.  One word of caution- I made the cupcakes the day before I served them (to other people) and stored them in a tupperware.  Unfortunately, the moisture from the cupcakes softened the cornflake layer so if you decide you want to make these and you like crunchy, I would suggest baking and assembling the same day.  No one complained about the softer cornflake layer.  It kind of reminded me of the texture of coconut actually.

I’m looking forward to the round-up and seeing everyone’s creations! 😀

Click here for the recipe


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Pizzeria 712 & Some Cupcakes

My sister is moving to Texas and I wanted to spend some extra time with her before she leaves.  Her spring break (she teaches 6th grade- poor soul 😉 ) was a couple weeks ago and I suggested we do lunch.  I don’t know the Provo/Orem area very well.  I wasn’t sure where we should eat so I told her to think about somewhere unique and tasty to eat at.  She couldn’t really think of anything.  Lo and behold, a blogger solved our problem.  Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia posted about Pizzeria 712 just in the nick of time.  I looked over their website and it sounded right up my alley.  I sent my sister a message and she agreed to eat there.

The restaurant is tucked in the back of a condo/shopping development (the name escapes me) off of State Street.  The dining area is very small so if you’re taking a large party, I would suggest calling and making reservations (you can find their reservation policy here).

From their website and what I gathered from Lindsey’s post, I was concerned they wouldn’t be too kid friendly and I was taking my son along with me.  My concerns were immediately put to rest.  We were offered a high chair and no one threw looks of disgust our way when they saw we had a toddler in tow (that has happened to me a few times).  Their menu changes seasonly and they use local, sustainable ingredients whenever possible.  I’m not sure if their menu has changed since we’ve been there, but what they have listed on their website is what we had to choose from.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with the prices.  I expected the food to be more expensive considering local and sustainable foods aren’t always cheap.

We were given pita and hummus to munch on while we looked over the menu.  The hummus was different than what I’ve had at other restaurants, but equally good.  After much debate and inquiring “what are you going to have?”, I decided on the housemade pastrami panini with sauerkraut, fontina and russian dressing.  Oh so good.  The panini come with the salad of the day which was an apricot almond cous cous.  I was in taste bud heaven.


My sister decided on the tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza which was ginormous! It could easily feed 2 or 3 people or 1 person with a huge appetite. She let me try a bite and it was pretty good. The crust was a bit thinner than I like, but it wasn’t cooked to cracker crisp like some thin crust pizzas are.


I wanted to get dessert, but I was stuffed and we were going to get cupcakes after lunch anyway. I’ll have to save dessert for another time.

I am obsessed with finding good cupcakes and I had looked at a few of the choices we had in the area. My son was having an allergic reaction and was tired by the time we were done with lunch so I didn’t want to drive all the way down to The Sweet Tooth Fairy.  The only other choice we really had was to head to one of the coffee shops that sells Cupcake Chic’s cupcakes.  Off to the Coffee Pod we went.  I called to make sure they had cupcakes left.   They did indeed have cupcakes and the girl on the phone proclaimed them to be “absolutely delicious!”  When we got to the display case, I was a bit disappointed.  There wasn’t a huge assortment, but what should I have expected?  It was a coffee shop, not a cupcake shop.  My sister chose the lemon cupcake and I got the red velvet.  I’m not sure if it was because the cupcakes were sitting in a refrigerated case, but they seemed a little on the dense side.  They tasted good, but I wasn’t too crazy about the lack of fluffiness.  There was also too much frosting for me.  I scraped about half of mine off.  My sister on the other hand ate every bit of hers.



Despite my bit of disappointment in the cupcakes, I’d say lunch was a success.  I highly recommend giving P712 a try. The food is delicious and the philosophy behind their food and business is great (they even packaged our leftovers in containers that looked like they’d been made from recycled materials).

Pizzeria 712
320 S State St, Suite 147
Orem, UT

Cupcake Chic
no store front


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In high school and most of college I was a perpetual procrastinator.  I did everything at the last possible minute.  I lost hours of sleep because of this.  Finally, my junior year in college,  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I was also extremely busy and if I didn’t fix my procrastination, something was going to tank.  So I purchased a handy dandy planner and actually used it.  I made countless lists.  And it worked.  Then I stopped making lists and started procrastinating again.


Just like I’ve procrastinated posting about this Cherrybrook Kitchen cake mix and frosting I got- oh about 2 months ago- courtesy of Blake Bakes.  I also received some Amano chocolate that I have yet to post about.  Again courtesy of Blake.  Hopefully I’ll get to posting about that chocolate before next year. 😛

There’s good news and bad news with these freebies.  I’ll start with the bad news.  I actually haven’t used the cake mix yet.  It’s nut, dairy and egg free, but not wheat free which means my son couldn’t eat them.  I did however find some wheat free and everything else free CK cake mix at Target so I made that instead.  I didn’t like them.  They were really dry and grainy.  Maybe I overmixed?  Makua wasn’t really a fan, but he doesn’t like chocolate.  They don’t list a wheat free yellow cake mix on their site, but I’m hoping they have one soon so I can try it.  I think he would like that better.


Alright…on to the good news. I LOVED the frosting!! It was delicious! It was like eating melted fudge. Yum! I also loved the cute illustrations for the directions on the back of the cake mix. It screams, Eat me! I will make you happy! Too cute.


I do want to try their other wheat free products. I love to bake, but sometimes using a mix is so much easier. When I get around to making the cake mix I got in the mail, I’ll let you know what I think.

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Vanilla Cheesecake Cupcakes

These were my most favorite of the 3 and  also happen to be one of my all-time favorite cupcakes.  I love cheesecake.  I love cupcakes.  These are an obvious given when it comes to my favorites.


I used Amy Sedaris’ vanilla cupcake recipe for these cupcakes as well. The filling and crunch topping came from Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans.

Click here for the recipe


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