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CC: Lemon Ricotta Cookies

lemonricottackies 006 (Small)

I haven’t posted a Cookie Carnival goodie in a really long time.  Not to say that I haven’t made any since February.  I loved the Toasted Almond Lemon bars (which I made 3 times actually).  I also enjoyed the Strawberry Shortcake cookies from last month.  Truth be told- I’m just too lazy to post them.

I’m not sure what has motivated me to post these particular cookies.  Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t posted anything to my blog in over a month.  Perhaps it’s because I actually made them at the beginning of the month rather than the last day of the month.  Whatever the reason, these are yummy!  I love all things lemon.  And these are no exception.  They’re not really what I consider a traditional cookie.  They’re more like a tiny cake in my opinion.  I loved the richness that the ricotta added to the cookie.  I tried the glaze and didn’t really like it.  I preferred them plain or with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

lemonricottackies 002 (Small)

Although I’m not too lazy to post about these cookies, I am too lazy to add the recipe.  Thus, I give you a link to Giada’s recipe on the Food Network website.



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Lemon Muffins



I love lemons.  We had a lemon “bush” in our backyard growing up (it was supposed to be a tree, but it’s super short…maybe it’s a dwarf tree) and I would cut the lemons in half and suck on them.  It sure grossed my mom out.

Naturally, I love all things lemon flavored (well almost all things lemon flavored).  I especially love lemon cake and lemon muffins.  These muffins are pretty basic and aren’t super lemon flavored, but I’ll fix that next time with more lemon-sugar mixture and some lemon glaze.

Click here for the recipe


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Chicken Bellagio a la Kamaile

I have been terribly, horribly bad at updating my food blog.  As my son gets older, he requires more attention.  Sometimes I wish we had another kid so they could entertain each other, but I love my little guy and would play cars and draw pictures with him over baking or cooking any day (well, most days 😉 ).

Anyway, a few months ago, one of my friends took me out to lunch and I decided on The Cheesecake Factory.  Some people hate their food and their cheesecakes, but I for one, love the lemon raspberry cheesecake.  Mmmmm.  And I like their food for the most part. 

On their new selections menu, a chicken dish caught my eye- Chicken Bellagio.  I don’t remember exactly how it’s described on the menu, but the gist is crisp, breaded chicken topped with prosciutto and arugula and laid over basil pasta and drizzled (heavily) with parmesan cream sauce.  I’m not sure why it’s called Chicken Bellagio, but I can tell you that I loved every bite.  I loved it so much that I thought about it for the next few days, hoping my husband would want to brave the insane wait (1 1/2 – 2 hours! on weekends) so I could eat it again.  Then I decided, what the hey, I’ll try making it myself.

I will say that my attempt wasn’t a bad one.  In fact, I think I like my version better.  It was a little bit lighter.  I guess you could say it’s half Chicken Bellagio, half something else.  I decided to ditch the basil pasta and parmesan sauce and replaced it with garlicy, lemony risotto and a lemon cream sauce.  Oh so tasty.


I used the easy, no-stir method to make the risotto. And while I was skeptical at first, it totally worked! I did have to add more liquid at the end and stir that in to make it creamier, but that beats standing and stirring for 20+ minutes. I’m also horrible about figuring recipes because I don’t really measure. I just throw a bunch of stuff together until it tastes good. So just a warning to use this as a very general guideline. If something sounds amiss, do it your way.

Click here for the recipe


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Lemon-Cream Sauced Pasta with Asparagus and Squash

This was mucho easy to put together.  I made the pasta and some focaccia all in about 30 minutes (I did have the focaccia dough made already).  It was pretty good.  Not a mind blowing dinner, but it was fast and fairly tasty.


Click here for the recipe


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Tilapia w/ Arugula, Capers & Tomatoes

I think this is the fastest dinner I’ve ever made- excluding grilled cheese & canned soup. 😛 I had this on the table a smidge less than 10 minutes after I started. Gotta love those quick dinners on busy days.


Click here for the recipe


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