FAF stands for Food Allergy Friendly

My son has several food allergies- milk, eggs, wheat and almonds so far.  I love food and it saddens me a bit that he will be limited somewhat in his “foodie” experiences. But I am up for a challenge. So starts my quest for tasty, allergy friendly food. Anything I label FAF is dairy free, egg free, wheat free and almond free.


3 responses to “FAF?

  1. Both of our kids are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Both were allergic to eggs but outgrew that. One is still allergic to a list of things that strikes fear in every teacher’s heart when she gets my list at the beginning of the school year. 🙂 Good luck with the quest to make yummo food that’s safe for your family.

  2. hayngrl

    I had no idea he had allergies!! Keoni is allergic to milk, we think…

  3. kamaile

    Yeah..it stinks. Hopefully he’ll outgrow them. Although now I think he’s allergic to barley as well.

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